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Know Yourself * Focus Your Vision
Launch Your Brand

Your personal brand already exists in your heart, ready to sprout and grow if you give it a chance.  Each deep-seated idea in your heart carries within it the energy of a seed. Given the right condition, it will sprout, grow, blossom and bear fruit. When that happens, it brings happiness to you, your loved ones, your environment, and ripples out to the whole world.  Sunlight Leadership Institute is here to help you achieve just that:  understanding yourself, your own talents and strength, and match them with the needs of the world so that your brand can sprout, grow and expand.

It’s remarkable what only a couple of consults with Liping can do. I am grateful that our paths crossed, and for all of the wonderful insights this program gave me. ~ Jolijn Feil

Here you will find several well-established traditions brought together for the first time to help women transform their dreams into reality (gentlemen are welcome as well if you don’t mind joining us):

  1. recent scientific research results on the mind, body and heart connection
  2. positive psychology and happiness research
  3. ancient wisdom traditions: yoga, Kabbalah, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda)
  4. visual arts traditions
  5. healing music

When ancient traditions are confirmed by recent research results, and when they are used together with visual arts and music, their effectiveness is unprecedented.

Liping does an amazing job. She took the time to figure out where I was coming from and what my needs and wants were. The sessions brought out emotional baggage that I didn’t even know I had. At the end of each session I was left with a clear vision of what I needed to do. She asked me to do some serious thinking, which helped me a lot. I am so thankful and grateful to Liping for all that she did.  ~ Aarti P.

The programs at Sunlight Leadership Institute have been designed to address the unique challenges that women face at this point in history. Our world is undergoing a radical transformation at an unprecedented pace. Women who are at the center of this change cannot simply adopt the traditional ways that men used to succeed in the past. First of all women have a unique way of seeing, understanding, relating to people, and getting things done. Secondly, new technology has given us tools to work and connect with each other in ways inconceivable 20 years ago. Yes, many things are becoming more convenient because of new technology, but we are also challenged as never before to know our true self, our own vision and stay our own course in the midst of constant flux, change and multitasking.

Structure and guidance are what have been missing for me in my life, and this has felt like a huge piece of the knowledge I’ve needed.  I can’t thank you enough Liping, for your guidance, unconditional love, and wisdom you’ve shared on how to take back my power.  I know that having, and using all the tools you’ve given me–including Naam Yoga, will help me with the tasks at hand.  ~ Michelle M., Flagstaff, AZ

In this age we all need new tools to deal with the unprecedented problems we are facing. Work and life at this time present us with a reality that no one could have conceived of even 10 years ago. It is with the radical changes in mind that we offer you the practical easy-to-use techniques through our programs, so that you can see your life purpose in clarity, connect with your own source energy, and carry out what you are meant to do in life with grace and joy.

I was truly amazed at the entire process… Liping has given me a 100% renewed sense of hope and perspective on what has transpired in my life over the last seven years. Her insight, her compassion, her knowledge, her ability to communicate, and her intuitive gifts have surpassed anything than I could ever have imagined. She has answered for me any questions that I have had as to the “why?” It is because of my association with Liping that I am now able to move forward instead of standing still, that I am able to understand my own emotions which have remained a mystery for all this time, and that I am able to move in the direction of accomplishing my dreams.  Liping, you are an amazing person and an outstanding professional in your field. Your talents are infinite and I am blessed, honored, and a better person having known you. With much love and gratitude, ~ Brenda Paul

No matter which program you choose, we will provide you with the innovative spirit and practical tools that you need to move on to the next level of success and happiness. It will give you an experience that you have never encountered anywhere else both in theory and in practice.

Liping’s assessments were very help- and useful. I had fun filling in the forms and learned a lot about myself just by thinking about the questions. The kind of questions seemed very unusual for me for a personality assessment in the beginning but it was fascinating for me to see how they led to answers I had been looking for for ages. I found new ways to approach many issues. Liping also recommended me certain techniques to work on my issues which feel very good.  The whole process of the assessment,  from the design of the forms to the subject matter and personal discussion was very professional.  I loved the talks with Liping,  with her warm and loving, friendly, helpful and open nature. ~  Kristina Albrecht, Germany.