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Some Benefits of the Workshops

  • improving focus and productivity
  • reducing workplace anxiety
  • improving overall optimism and resilience
  • learning to deal with different types of people
  • increasing confidence and public speaking skills
  • facing and dealing with negative mentality in oneself and others
  • reducing backache, neck-shoulder tension, and other muscle strain related to sedentary work-style.

All our workshops use a unique SUNLIGHT methodology that blends:

1) modern theory of psychology (especially positive psychology) and therapeutic traditions
2) special techniques from Naam Yoga Therapy (easy to do, no yoga mat, no impossible body-twisting)
3) techniques from modern-day executive coaching

The techniques we teach have been used at Microsoft, Booz Allen and many other large companies.

Peace and Productivity At Work

Our modern workplace oftentimes does not promote mental-physical health. Without taking proactive measures to counter the negative effects of sitting at a desk and working on a computer day in day out, your health and mood will suffer. You will not feel productive or fruitful. When the negative effects of work are allowed to accumulate month after month, year after year, diseases or energy depletion will become everyday routine. Eventually the body-mind gives up trying to make any improvement.

Yet improvement can be easily made here and now, if you are determined to end the negative tendencies and embrace health.

This workshop provides tools to help you:

  • strengthen, deepen and regulate your breath
  • increase your energy level
  • feel more centered and peaceful
  • relieve muscle strain, back pain, neck-shoulder tension
  • become more focused & productive at work
  • stay in touch with your body and refresh yourself a few minutes at a time
  • improve overall optimism and resilience

How to deal with difficult relationships at work

Difficult relationships in the workplace are so common that we usually accept them as a fact of life and never bother to find solutions. However, they can add burden to your already stressful job or make things plain unbearable at times. Studies have shown that most people quit not out of job dissatisfaction but because of difficult relationships.

If you ever have a chance to sit down and talk to all parties involved in a difficult relationship, be it at work or at home, you’ll find that everyone is a victim of the conflict. All parties involved suffer at one point or another, if not immediately then at some postponed date. There is no winner in a relationship battlefield.

In this workshop we introduce tools to help you

  • identify different types of difficult relationships
  • understand and meet the basic needs in a relationship
  • be aware how you yourself tend to react when difficulties arise in a relationship
  • take proactive measures to minimize damage and lead a relationship towards harmony
  • know how to handle gossip in the workplace
  • realize that you always have the power to create peace
  • effectively deal with relationship challenges at both the organizational and individual level

A Strong Heart & Unshakable Confidence For Today’s Workplace

Today’s Workplace is not for the faint-hearted. Corporate downsizing, restructuring, new technology, globalization, information overload … In the midst of this constant flux, and at a moment’s notice you could also be thrown into the spotlight to give a presentation, to speak in front of a camera for a media outlet or a recorded teleconference, to control damage done by someone else’s mistake, etc. Anyone’s nervous?

According to National Institute of Mental Health, about one fifth of the American adult population suffers from a clinical anxiety disorder. Women are 60% more likely than men to get it. This number does not include those who never report their symptoms to their doctors, or those whose anxiety has yet to reach a clinical level. Is it surprising that doctors are calling workplace anxiety an epidemic.

In this workshop we will share tools (not just words and ideas) to help you

  • protect yourself from a potentially chaotic or high-pressure environment
  • build the strength to stay calm and centered in yourself
  • improve your vocal power so that your voice sounds confident
  • face and deal with unavoidable negative mental tendencies
  • increase your positive outlook in front of challenges
  • release tension in the heart on a regular base (which can prevent heart attack)
  • relax the body-mind effectively within a short period of time
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