Personality Assessments

Everyone is an individual. There is no one-size-fits-all path for finding success and fulfillment in life. We have a series of sophisticated tools for personality assessment and in-depth understanding. Each of the three models we offer is unique, and can be used individually or together. Their functions complement each other.

  • PEP PHP PNP Assessment Series is our most popular assessment tool.  Everyone who has taken it is amazed at how much they have learned about themselves.  It also comes with personalized tools that can help remove major blockages on your road to success and happiness.  It  helps you understand your energy pattern so that you can invest your energy in the right place at the right time for maximum return.   Everyone we know who has used this assessment is instantly enchanted by the life-time benefits it brings.  We are so confident about this series of assessment that we are willing to give you 100% money-back guarantee on this one.
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  • Profile XT looks at the thinking and behavioral traits as well as career interests.
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  • The 360 Degree Assessment reveals your strengths and problematic areas as reflected by your current environment.
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PEP (Personal Energy Pattern, I & II) , PHP (Personal History Pattern), PNP (Personal Needs Pattern) Assessment Series.

PEP ( Part I: strengths & pitfalls; Part II: energy waving pattern ):
Part I of this assessment reveals your potentials, some of which may have been actualized, some not.  In most cases, you have a lot more hidden treasure than you realize.  Once you come face to face with who you truly are, what you truly have, self-acceptance becomes a easy natural process.  You’ll find yourself doing it everyday without anyone prompting you.  Appreciation for your authentic self and your authentic treasure also strengthens your self confidence and self esteem.  Now you know you are unique, you won’t ever get on the wrong track of trying to be someone else.

Thank you for your generous loving help and guidance.  Your coaching centers me, and allows me to see my strengths and weaknesses.  That is very valuable.  You seem to be able to intuit what’s going on with me without me saying it.  Your words are always RIGHT on.  —  GA

Part II of this assessment clarifies for you how your unique energy waxes and wanes through time.  Life’s opportunities knock only at certain times.  Doing the right thing at the right time means maximum productivity and efficiency, or maximum “luck” in traditional terminology.  With this knowledge in your pocket, you’ll know when to give your 100% to your work, when to take it easy and give yourself a much needed rejuve …

Liping’s assessments were very help- and useful. I had fun filling in the forms and learned a lot about myself just by thinking about the questions. The kind of questions seemed very unusual for me for a personality assessment in the beginning but it was fascinating for me to see how they led to answers I had been looking for for ages. I found new ways to approach many issues. Liping also recommended me certain techniques to work on my issues which feel very good.  The whole process of the assessment,  from the design of the forms to the subject matter and personal discussion was very professional.  I loved the talks with Liping,  with her warm and loving, friendly, helpful and open nature. ~  Kristina Albrecht, Germany.

PHP (Personal History Pattern): this pattern is based on modern psychological research.  It reveals to you how you’ve been using your energy in the past.  In conjunction with PEP, you now know what you can do to change those parts that are causing you unhappiness or blockages.  Seeing where the problems means finding solutions.

I had no idea what to expect from this program with Liping but it ended up being exactly what I needed! There is much more clarity now about how I feel about all sorts of aspects in my life. I finally feel that I can feel again. I feel more free! I will recommend this program to anyone who feels that something just isn’t right in his/her life, or someone who is just seeking more clarity.  It’s remarkable what only a couple of consults with Liping can do. I am grateful that our paths crossed, and for all of the wonderful insights this program gave me. ~ Jolijn Feil

PNP (Personal Needs Pattern): this pattern shows what you are currently experiencing as your needs.  Are they bringing you happiness or wasting your energy?  Are your needs being met?   Are there better ways to meet your needs so that you can do more with less?   Clarity on your needs will help you make the right changes at the speed of your consciousness.

Structure and guidance are what have been missing for me in my life, and this has felt like a huge piece of the knowledge I’ve needed.  I can’t thank you enough Liping, for your guidance, unconditional love, and wisdom you’ve shared on how to take back my power.  I know that having, and using all the tools you’ve given me–including Naam Yoga, will help me with the tasks at hand.  ~ Michelle M., Flagstaff, AZ

This assessment series comes with two 30-minute private consultations, which can be conducted over the phone.

We are so confident about this series that we are willing to give you 100% money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, email us within 30 days, we will give your money back, no question asked.

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Price: $ 397

Profile XT: this assessment has been used extensively for developing new leaders, hiring new employees, succession planning, skill assessment, etc. It measures a person’s

  • thinking style
  • behavioral traits
  • personality-occupation fit

Profile XT has been scientifically documented for its accuracy. It can be done individually or together with the other assessment models we offer for a precise understanding of a person and her/his current situation.

Profile XT is done online. After the online assessment an interview will be scheduled with a professional who is trained in the area so that you gain more insights into your results.

When you are ready, we will email you the link for the online assessment and then set up the interview. For more information, please contact us at

Price: $987











360 degree assessment
This model reveals precisely your strong and problematic areas in your current work/life environment. After this assessment, behavioral changes can be accurately recommended to help remove the obstacles you are experiencing. We also offer easy-to-use tools to make any behavioral change simple and effortless.

360 degree assessment can be done individually or together with the other models we offer on this site for an in-depth understanding of your personality traits and your situation.

This model is done in person. Please contact us, and we will make the arrangement for you.

For more information, please email

Price: $2496