Healing Women, Healing World
their unique path through drastic changes in life
to find meaning & fulfillment

This is place to empower women who have faced or are facing drastic changes in life, be it the loss of a loved one or a dear friend, ending of a relationship, finding out about a health condition …

We all know that blessings come in disguise, but the process can shake us up so much that life suddenly becomes blurry; everything seems confusing, empty and painful.

The right support during these chaotic times means a smoother trip through the process and finding the extraordinary blessings within them.

We help women who have faced or are facing drastic changes in life

  • to ease the pain, emptiness and confusion
  • resolve issues that seem impossible to resolve
  • to find clarity and support in their daily life and work
  • to find and fully integrate the blessings that come with drastic changes
  • to strengthen the connection with the Spirit or spiritual reality ( it’s not about religion, but about daily living experiences. )
  • to emerge from the process, growing, expanding, healing (which means becoming complete)  …

Indeed, through drastic changes in life we can discover many precious treasures beyond our rational understanding, or discover important parts of ourselves that we never knew existed.  However, if not taken well, these drastic experiences can scar us, or deepen old wounds that seem impossible to heal.

Whether you are facing these challenges right now or have gone through them, but wishing there were better support or still feeling some leftover pain, you’ve come to the right place.

In our blogs and resources you will find real stories of real women who have been through the winding path of drastic changes, and have found priceless gifts in them.  It is our heart-felt desire to offer women real cases for reflection and  tools of transformation so that they gain the support and strength, spot warning signs early, and effectively handle the challenges life brings them so as to live a deeply meaningful and fulfilling life.

We also look forward to hearing your story, if you want to share, of how you have overcome immense challenges and achieved long lasting happiness, success and wisdom while making a big splash in the world.  Please let us know (contact page)

In our product and service page, you will find many tools as well.  Please take a look to find what you need.