Diamond Membership

This program offers one-on-one weekly coaching. There are three basic categories, or any mixture to suit your specific needs:

1) success in the workplace
2) relationship and happiness
3) health, beauty & longevity

You can bring up to six of your family or team members to coaching sessions.

  • 4 one-on-one meetings per month (which can include personal Harmonyum Treatments if available in your area.  For more information, see below))
  • free PEP personality assessment and two 360 degree assessment once or twice a year (the accumulated value is $5500)
  • free PEP personality assessment for three loved ones or team members (valued at $1700) and relationship assessment to improve harmony or collaboration.
  • two free tele-classes with Gold & Silver members in order to benefit from the group energy
  • Unlimited email support

The calendar for this program will be planned and adjusted to the specific situation of each individual client.

$ 1920/month x 6 month.