Silver Membership

The Silver Membership is currently unavailable.

Silver Membership is designed for anyone who wants to learn simple effective tools for dealing with challenges and finding happiness or success.  Our unique SUNLIGHT techniques will be taught in a group environment, including:

  • self-healing skills to let go of the pains from the past, and improve your mental emotional as well as physical health
  • ways to harmonize the body, mind and heart so that they work together as a dynamic team
  • tools to fine-tune your intuition so that you can rely on it for daily guidance
  • exercises to deal with anger, frustration or sadness and disappoint in life
  • ways to face challenges or setbacks, and bounce back on track
  • ways to learn about how life’s changing patterns work so that you can easily go with the their natural flow
  • connecting yourself to and relying on a supportive group energy

Read more on our methodology SUNLIGHT

Specific benefits include:

  • 2 tele-classes per month (with recordings if you cannot attend)
  • Newsletter for members
  • written materials & photos for the course
  • 10% off PEP PHP PNP personality assessment series
  • Q & A at the end of each class

This annual program covers 6 large topics throughout the year, spending 45-60 days on each. You can officially join at the start of any topic and complete your 12-month period from there. Please email: for the precise date you can join.

The topics of this annual program include (subject to minor changes):

  • Jan-Feb:    vision, soul power, life purpose
  • Feb-Apr:   cleansing, renewing, & energizing your body, mind & heart
  • Apr-May:  increasing mental-emotional fitness, self-acceptance, confidence
  • Jun-July:   relationship & communication skills (managing anger, frustration, disappoints, etc.)
  • Sept-Oct:   focus, prosperity
  • Nov-Dec:   managing personal energy within a group, holiday trouble-shooting

Corporate or group membership is also available, please contact for more.